Thursday, July 9, 2009

Where did June go?

DD and I had a relatively busy June:
1) We visited the zoo with Auntie M and her friends.
2) Celebrated Father's Day with Grandpa, Grandma and Auntie M.
3) Mommy put DD through an intensive potty training. He had accidents everyday!! I dreaded washing his smelly soiled underwear and pants, but we stuck through it this time, accidents or not!! By the time Daddy came home, DD was almost potty trained. Daddy thought that it was like "magic" that it just happened....aaaarrrg....
4) Concerned about DD's verbal development, I had him evaluated by a speech therapist. She thought DD was normal and on track compared to his age group. I kept telling her that I was concerned that he couldn't speak as many words as my friend's daughter and she just laughed. According to her expert opinion, girls are often more advanced with verbal skills, so she assured me (at least 5 times) that DD's speech was totally normal. :) At this phase, DD is pronoucing many words wrong that can be embarrassing (to me), but it seems to come with parenthood- we, parents, must have thick skins!
5) DD started "reading" to mommy intead of being read to! He simply prefers to "read" the books on his own during our story time. hahaha...:)
6) My brothers and sister visited us at the end of June. DD loved his uncle M, because uncle M was so much fun to be around. He is young and strong and was able to carry DD on his shoulders! (Let's see if Daddy can do that.. :)

DD certainly got lots of family attention in June!

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